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– Bottle Contains 60 capsules (1 caps per dose)
– 500mg/serving
– 1 capsule = 500mg

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The most sought after and appreciated among the natural anabolics. Turkesterone is a class of compounds called Ecdyesterones, steroids found in plants.
Turkesterone is a powerful yet natural supplement with multiple benefits but no side effects. Ecdysterones can be compared to Testosterone for their ability to induce growth. However, unlike Testosterone, they do not bind to androgen receptors and therefore do not cause any steroid side effects. These are compounds that can help increase athletic performance have been used since the 1960s but have only recently gained more and more notoriety for their excellent abilities. Turkesterone is a relatively new supplement to the Western world and is beginning to gain a lot of attention. The effects of Turkesterone are felt almost immediately with higher energy levels, especially during the most strenuous workouts. Faster recovery between sets and more fatigue resistance. The most appreciated benefit of Turkesterone is its ability to increase muscle mass more than you would get from exercise and diet alone. Turkesterone has effects similar to the Text but does not increase it beyond the due, at the limit it can favor its correct regulation, which is equivalent to a greater permanence of the earnings and the absence of PCT. Studies have also shown that Turkesterone improves memory, recovery times and libido, promotes the buildup of muscle fibers, increases glycogen concentrations in the muscle and increases ATP synthesis. It is important to note, as mentioned, that Turkesterone has no side effects, on the contrary, it can improve the immune system, which is a very important thing nowadays. This product is perfect for anyone looking to take their training to the next level naturally and is a great addition to their supplement stack.

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